Tuesday, November 11, 2014


With the launch of the Alexander Wang x H&M collection, a powerful hybrid between sports and high fashion, we are now witnessing the longevity of sportswear in Fashion — once a trend, and now a rising culture. By culture in relation to sportswear, i’m not referring to the obvious culture that is sports, because it is widely accepted that sports can be very much linked to a country or a community’s culture. By sports culture, i’m really talking about a new set of values that are both shaped by and shaping our generation based on the shifts and progressions of our beliefs — this new sports culture, with the help of fashion, is a lot more about health, than competition. I remember in late 2013, when the spring 2014 collections were coming out, the sportswear trend was in full-swing, with luxury brands taking cues from all sorts of athletic wear. The fusion of contrasting elements: luxe materials, like leather, silk, and mesh with the classic structures of sportswear staples, like baseball jackets, trackpants, sweatshirts, kept things fresh on the runway. There are also designers like Wang, who has always been faithful to sportswear in his designs, whether it be for his eponymous label of Alexander Wang, or Balenciaga: “I don’t do any sports! I only wear sports clothing”. Just like how Wang says “there’s a piece for everyone” in his new collection with H&M, sports and health is now more available to every age and gender than it ever was. And I think that’s what i’m trying to get at with this “rising” sports culture that i’m referring to — we’re getting fitter and healthier for the right reasons. 

With the help of fitness bloggers, Instagramers, Youtubers, etc, the mindset of fitness, health and staying active is now largely present in our current, younger generation — teenage girls are now steering more away from the push-up bras, and more to the sports bras. Of course, the desire to stay active is induced by fashion and the ability to not have to compromise style for sports — a definite win-win situation (especially for all the style junkies out there). So start getting active, if you aren’t already. I mean I love my food, but you really have nothing to lose (except for some cellulite) when you’ve got designers like Wang in full support of your fitness journey ;) 

images courtesy of h&m, luckymag, style.com


P.S. When sneakers replace heels in a Chanel couture show, you know something big is up. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Big fuzzy coats and sweater tops are for those days when you don’t want to, or simply don’t have time to, layer meticulously - just throw some fuzz on (yes, i’m making this a thing) for an incredibly stylish look that oozes confidence, while being completely fuss free! 

This is the trend that has made me so excited for this winter season. To me, the look of sharp, minimalistic lines and cutting in an outfit accentuates a woman’s class, charm and confidence - just another reminder that you don’t need form-fitting/body-hugging pieces to highlight femininity and sexiness. Think clean, crisp button-up shirts, cigarette pants, a structured coat, and heels to strut in.

For you girls out there who love the night-life and likes the sound of shimmering sultrily on the dance floor, pick up something in this sparkly, silver material if you have not already (you’ll be able to spot them in all high-street retailers). There is something very glam rock and 80’s about the look, perhaps due to its physical resemblance to a disco ball. I like the sound of that.

All girls want to look active, regardless of whether they do want to do sports, just like how Alexander Wang doesn’t do sports himself but loves designing sport[y] attire. There is something very flirtatious about tailored sports wear that makes it so attractive, especially with the addition of color (look at that bubble gum pink Fendi coat), and matching sets (kudos to Lacoste for making tennis wear look that much more flattering). So why sacrifice style for exercise when you can have both?

Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear Runway images courtesy of Style.com


Thursday, October 23, 2014


I was trying so hard to not sweat while shooting this and was failing miserably because although its “fall” its still around 30 degrees celsius. After having rumours speculate amongst relatives and family members about how “its going to get cooler next week” for the past few weeks, i’ve given up on the notion entirely and have decided to start my own winter clock — the moment I put this Topshop furry sweater on my body I declared the beginning of winter (yes, i’m optimistic). 

I’m still worried about how this cloud-like sweater will turn out after I put it in the wash (worst case scenario: clumps of fur), which was largely the reason why I decided to shoot this in its most glorious moment as a remembrance if all else fails. But its also pieces like this that make me so excited for this season. For one, this heat trapping top is my toned-down take on the flamboyant classic — the fuzzy fur coat, as its cropped, bulky structure gives a nice contrast to a form fitting bottom, like this wrap skirt I have on. Also, the space this sweater allows for (thanks to its oversized fit) gives room for layering which can instantly sharpen the entire look for versatility. 

News flash: I’m extremely excited to wear subtle, clean and simple shapes this season, and to look “normcore chic” if I do say so myself — winter mantra: blend in to stand out.






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(Top: Topshop, Skirt: Topshop)